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8 x 30 | LAUNCH Q3, 2022

“24HR Business Plan takes the business hopes, dreams and ambitions of ordinary Australians and turns them into one plan that will achieve something spectacular”

The last two years have been a nightmare rollercoaster for Australian business. Border closures, rolling lockdowns, random restrictions and managing the myriad of impacts of COVID-19 have pushed many right to the edge. 

The pain of this crisis will have a very long tail for business managers, owners, and employees alike. Human drama doesn’t come much more real nor at higher stakes than what we are all experiencing right now.

Each week we will follow the 24HR Business Plan gurus as they help to turn around struggling Australian small enterprises. 

Led by corporate mentor and marketing specialist, Andrew “Billy” Baxter, the team is made up of highly experienced group of  individuals who each bring a unique skillset to the boardroom table. 

Their mission is to look under the bonnet of Australian businesses, and in just 24 hours come back with a clear and detailed plan on how to set the firm on a new pathway to success.

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