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10 x 60 | LAUNCH Q1, 2023

Australians enjoy arguably the greatest freedoms in the world.  And that freedom has been fiercely protected for thousands of years.  In this ground-breaking documentary Film, TV and Digital Event we will explore what it has taken to Defend Australia from the Dream Time until today - and what it’ll take to maintain it well into the future.

We will meet the leaders who have architected our intelligence strategies, understand the technology that has kept us protected, explore the key global alliances we’ve needed to bolster our capability, and most importantly, understand the courage, sacrifice and ANZAC Spirit of the everyday enlisted and conscripted Australians who have given their all in Defending Australia.

We will cover all historical conflicts of war, and most importantly, the Next War.  Each theatre will be framed through the same content prisms and will be told through the audience preferred observational style using actuality and reconstructed scenes alike to engage and motivate.

DEFENDING AUSTRALIA will be the most important documentary series ever made as we educate the next generation on what it really takes to keep Australia free and safe.

Military Aircraft
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