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6 x 60  |  LAUNCH Q4, 2022

The Gold Coast Girls of Instagram follows the lives, the loves, the tears and the triumphs of the GC’s most gorgeous  Instagram influencers, as they lead the charge to put the GC back on the map by painting a luxurious life for themselves online.  But, what’s the “Real Story” behind this glamourous girls?  In each episode of the series, the audience gets a behind the scenes look at the photoshoots, social posts, the events, the gifting, the parties and what life is really like on both sides of the Instagram celebrity lens.  But, we will also get to see what the girl’s lives are really like. What are their hopes and dreams? Who are the special people they call friends and enemies?  What life challenges do they face, whilst still putting on a veneer of sweetness and light online to their followers.  Our main cast is six of the Gold Coast’s most sought after Instagram influencers who have a combined audience of over 10 million people. Leading the way are the Arkle sisters, best described as Australia’s very own Kardashian clan.  Supporting them is an ensemble cast of Instagram up and comers, each bringing a rich tapestry of storylines.   The Gold Coast Girls of Instagram are once again living the GC dream. And it’ll be a massive audience that tunes in to live it with them.

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