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6 x 60  |  LAUNCH Q1, 2023

It is the Australian love story of the century.  Aussie commoner, Mary Donaldson, meets Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark in a bar in Sydney. They fall in love and eventually marry in a fairytale wedding that means Mary one day will become Queen of the Nordic kingdom. So what did one of the world’s most eligible men see in our Mary that made him fall head over heels in love 16-thousand kilometres from home? And could there be another young Aussie girl out there right now with the same magical hidden beauty? Danish supermodel Lee Levi is on a mission. One of Denmark’s most eligible men is desperate to find true love, but simply can’t in his home country. So Lee is travelling Down Under on a matchmaker mission to see if fairytale romance between a dashing Dane and an Aussie girl can be found again. Lee’s quest starts in Mary’s home state of Tasmania, where she meets and mentors three girls. But only one will travel to Sydney to date the man she’s matchmaking for. In total 5 finalist girls will be vying for our dashing Dane’s affections, as he ultimately decides who to ask back to Denmark to perhaps live happily ever after.   *Cinderella* - *Transformational Makeover* - *International Love Story* - *Mary Fairy Tale Mk2*

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