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6 x 60  |  LAUNCH Q4, 2022

In these turbulent times, putting on a happy face remains an affordable luxury. Makeup Face Off is Australia’s first beauty reality TV series and will give women and men across Australia a reason to smile again.  Over 6 x 1-hour episodes, Makeup Artists & Beauty Influencers will battle it out in real make up industry challenges, in a quest to be crowned Australia’s Makeup Master.  Each week, contestants will face 2 separate challenges. Each is designed to not only stretch the boundaries of their makeup artistry abilities, but to also test their individual character and personality. Only those with forward thinking, creativity, drive and passion will make it through the elimination process to play on for the chance of glory. Host of the series is Jesinta Franklin*, who is the heart and soul of the program as she plays both rule-maker and den mother to all of those in the game.  She is joined by two makeup industry legends, who are the show’s regular judges. In turn they will be joined by two guest judges every episode to not only keep the competition fun and fair, but super competitive. This series will become essential guilt-free, heart-warming viewing for any Australian who wants to feel good and dares to dream big.

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