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Medium Campaign Brief

Approx. $200 - $500K

If you'd like to make a move into the Brand Partnership world one step at a time, then this is the package for you.

Inclusions at this level are similar to the full package with one big difference - we will produce a one off special for you instead of a series.


  • Creative assessment of your marketing brief and KPIs

  • Brand Partnership Proposal prepared for consideration

  • Creative Development Agreement entered into for R&D

  • Fully developed TV Special Event idea and pitch materials created

  • Project pitched to Broadcaster(s) for placement

  • TV Licence Agreement entered into to secure media airtime

  • Program Pre-Production commences to ready for filming

  • Filming starts once all logistics are agreed and approved

  • Post Production begins 2 weeks after filming starts

  • Approvals process in place for entire filming and post period

  • PR & Publicity Campaign kicks off 2 weeks before launch

  • TV Promos and Cross-Promo opportunities locked in

  • Media blitz across Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and Social Media 

  • Bespoke Digital Content created for your website and social

  • Bespoke TVC created for placement inside the series broadcast


  • A detailed Post-Analysis performed on all aspects of the content

  • AV and Photographic Stills library created for your future use

  • Internal communication materials created to engage staff

  • Subscription TV repeat (subject to FTA TV Licence Agreement)

  • International Distribution and Sales (where appropriate)


Medium Campaign: Services
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