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6 x 60 | LAUNCH Q4, 2022

2022 marks 60 years since Australia last called upon its finest young men to enlist. If your birthday was drawn by ballot, National Service was compulsory.  Over 63,000 served their country and the issue became one of the most contentious in Australian history.

But memories have faded. The concept of being forced to put your life on hold to learn how to fight is completely foreign to today’s 20-somethings. So, with the drums of war beating, it’s time for them to walk in another generation’s shoes.

This series will be the TV social experiment for our times. That’s because the concept is built on a foundation of fact, and the experience will be the closest to a real war that they will ever come. Hopefully.

This series is unashamedly designed to help every single Australian - young and old - to have a greater respect for all defence force personnel - past and present. But in this series in particular, we will honour the 15,381 National Servicemen who served in Vietnam alongside enlisted soldiers, simply because their country asked them to. 

Sadly, many returned home to a hostile reception.

And for 202 brave men ... well, they simply never came home at all.

Army Boots
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