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First of all. This is not a lifestyle travel show. This is a celebration of the incredible work of great Australians. Those who make a contribution above and beyond, and epitomise what it really means to be an Aussie.

The last 2 years in Australia will forever be remembered as the worst times in 3 generations. After enduring the heartbreak of drought and horrendous bushfires, our country then faced the all-consuming threat of COVD-19. But no matter what the world threw at us, thanks to the selfless sacrifices of essential workers, we tackled it all head on - and survived.

It is now time to recognise those who gave so much.

When they least expect it, Surprise Holiday will descend upon the workplace of Australia’s unsung heroes and take them away for an Australian getaway like no other.  That’s because, whilst we’ll be showing them the most incredible places around our country as our tourism sector rebuilds too, we’ll also be going on a journey of rebuild, as they share with us how the years of living dangerously has touched and changed them forever.

It’ll be fun.  And at times, it’ll be sad.  But every episode will be truly heart-warming, with the very best of Australia as a backdrop.

Aboriginal Hunter
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