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8 x 30 | LAUNCH Q4, 2022

A round of golf is much more than whacking a ball down a fairway.

  • It is a mind game

  • It is an individual challenge

  • It is a social meeting of friends old and new

  • It is a conversation

  • It is a chance to explore new ideas

  • It is a pathway to better physical  being

And above all it is bloody good fun

The Dream Round takes all of these elements and combines them into one highly informative and entertaining TV series for golfing purists and first time players alike.

The series will be filmed at the TOP 8 Golf Courses in Australia. The players are everyday Australians deserving of a break. We will surprise them and then whisk them away by limo, helicopter, superyacht … to the dream course location. The when they are about to tee off, a celebrity one of the players idolises becomes their playing partner for the day. At the end of 9-holes, we reveal who won the Dream Round.

It was gold of course.

Bird-Eye View Of Golf Course
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