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6x 60  |  LAUNCH Q1, 2023

The COVID-19 crisis has affected the lives of millions of Australians. Financial markets may have bucked trends, as has the housing market. But for many the Great Australian Dream has now never been further away, and many will continue to struggle to put a roof over their head full stop, let alone one they own.  But all is not lost - enter The Property Game.   Over 12 months, 6 people who believe they’ll never achieve the great Australian dream in their lifetime will become part of a remarkable social experiment, as they are taught everything they need to know to turn their financial life around. Working with some of the best property minds in the country, they’ll be given the knowledge to crack the property market in South East Queensland, by following the step-by-step rules of real estate. Along the way there will be tears, but also triumph. And because their stories will be told in an engaging TV style similar to Rich House, Poor House - will give hope to millions of viewers they can do the same in the Sunshine State. Quite feasibly, The Property Game could be of one of the most watched and life-changing programs on Australian TV in 2022 - putting Queensland property front and centre as an outstanding investment choice.

Suburban House
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