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10 x 90 | LAUNCH Q4, 2022

Imagine walking into your local to find it packed to the rafters with famous faces … all sipping schooners and chardonnay shoulder-to-shoulder with ordinary folk.

In the back corner are four young blokes sharing their hilarious spin on the week … whilst by the door are three party girls eyeing off all the blokes as they come and go.

Behind the bar serving up a storm is THE PUB Boss … who’s telling tall tales and dishing out relationship advice the only way he knows - with a liberal amount of BS. The bar flies, Jimmy and Billy, are telling it like it is about everyone in the room.

The bistro this week is being run by some new chef, someone named Maggie Beer or something.  She’s sharing her cooking secrets to what’s on the specials board. And out the back is a bloke who can bat, but has the punters in the sports bar enthralled with his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things to do with a bet.

Upstairs, a wanna-be stand-up comedian is sitting at the bar waiting for his turn at the mic … and the local cover band are warming up … but rumour has it a big name music legend may just turn up to play an impromptu set as well.

Just another night at THE PUB really!

Red Hand Metallic
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